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Attend a Zearn Overview

To learn more about Zearn, attend one of our overview sessions. In each session, we dive into an independent digital lesson, discuss our small group materials, and show how Zearn can help differentiate instruction for every student.

Reserve your spot for an upcoming session: 

Monday, May 1st at 6pm EST (5pm CT, 4pm MT, 3pm PT)

Wednesday, May 10th at 5pm EST (4pm CT, 3pm MT, 2pm PT)

Tuesday, May 16th at 6:30pm EST (5:30pm CT, 4:30pm MT, 3:30pm PT)

Thursday, May 25th at 5:30pm EST (4:30pm CT, 3:30pm MT, 2:30pm PT)

Friday, June 2nd at 5pm EST (4pm CT, 3pm MT, 2pm PT)

Looking for a deeper dive into how to make the most of Zearn? We offer in-person Professional Development sessions that take place at your school, on your schedule. Learn more here: Zearn Professional Development

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