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Intervention with Zearn: Grades 1-5

Many teachers partner with Zearn to remediate students’ foundational math understanding while students continue to work on grade-level content. For teachers or coaches that are already using Zearn in their classroom, here are some are some tips for using Zearn Math for remediation or intervention. (New to Zearn or want to use Zearn as intervention only? Check out this article.

Plan how you’ll structure your intervention time.

Zearn is designed for a balance between digital learning and live instruction. For intervention, this often involves teachers pulling students regularly to target instruction and discuss the math students are learning. We offer Materials for Small Group Instruction to support you as you plan ways to remediate, extend students’ learning, and discuss the foundational concepts they are building. 

Choose the appropriate remediation topics for your students.

The Curriculum page is a great resource for identifying content that will support remediating students’ skill gaps. For each Mission, we highlight the Foundational Missions - earlier grade content where the concepts are introduced and developed.  Clicking on the Foundational Mission will take you to the page for that specific Mission.

Assign lessons to your students.

Allow students to navigate to the earlier lessons you select for them using their My Stuff page. Be sure to specify what parts of the lesson you want students to complete through My Stuff (e.g., Math Chat and Tower of Power). While completing lessons for remediation through My Stuff, students can continue to work on grade-level lessons through their Homepage during regular grade-level time. Try using our Weekly Goal Sheet to guide students to the specific lessons they should be completing for remediation. This tracker can be found at the beginning of each Mission in the Student Notes packet as well as Student Workbooks.

Here’s an example of what one might look like for an intervention student:

Print paper materials for each student.

Just like for regular Zearn lessons, paper materials are a crucial component of Zearn lessons. Make sure students have the printed materials they need for their remediation lessons.

Monitor progress.

Continue using Zearn Reports to monitor students’ progress, pacing, and areas where they need further support. In the Zearn Pace Report, clicking into a student’s name will show which specific lessons he/she completed, so you can see whether the lessons completed were for intervention or on grade-level.

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