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Exit Tickets

Exit Tickets are the final element of every Zearn lesson. They allow students to show understanding of a lesson’s objective in an unscaffolded paper and pencil context.

  • In 3rd-5th grade, students complete Exit Tickets independently after their digital learning. Teachers often collect and use Exit Tickets to inform their Small Group Instruction. After students complete an Independent Digital Lesson on Zearn, prompt students to complete Exit Tickets in their Zearn Workbooks or on their printed materials - this classroom uses posters to remind students to complete their Exit Tickets! 

  • For 1st and 2nd grade, we’ve found that many teachers use Exit Tickets more flexibly and complete them in their small groups.

  • Kindergarten has shorter activities to build number sense, so there is no Kindergarten Lesson Exit Ticket. 

Whatever approach you use, Exit Tickets will help students deepen, transfer, and retain the knowledge they learn on Zearn.

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