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Setting Students to a Mission

Zearn Math is designed to work in two cohesive parts - Independent Digital Lessons and Small Group Instruction. For Independent Digital Lessons, we generally recommend that you set students to the beginning of the grade. Students will progress through the lessons at their own pace with personalized feedback, building strong foundational understanding. If teachers would like to set students to a specific point, we recommend that you either start children at the start of the module for reinforcement or to the topic you are on. This will allow you to spend the majority of your live time in targeted small group instruction.

The Zearn curriculum starts students at the topic level because we’ve seen that students are best prepared for learning a specific lesson by completing the related digital lessons in the topic. For example, we introduce digital manipulatives at the beginning of a topic, and when we tested with kids, they got confused when they were placed in the middle of the topic.

To change your students’ Grade, Mission, or Topic:

  1. Click Classes at the top of your Zearn homepage

  2. Choose the class with the students whose mission you'd like to change from the Switch Class dropdown menu

  3. Select the student (or students) whose lesson you’d like to change by clicking the check box next to their names

  4. Click Change Lesson (Lessons are grouped by Topic, so you can change the group of lessons by selecting a new Topic)

  5. In the pop-up, select a Grade, Mission, and Topic for your student(s) and click Set