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Setting Students to a Mission

For students who are new to Zearn, we recommend that they start at the beginning of a grade in our Independent Digital Lesson sequence. They will then move through the Independent Digital Lesson sequence at their own pace with personalized remediation at the exact moment they need it.

If you’re starting in the middle of the year, we recommend you start at the beginning of the Mission that aligns to your current instruction. Students will then progress through Independent Digital Lessons at their own pace.

Below are common questions related to setting your students’ Independent Digital Lesson assignment:

Q: Where can I start students?

A: You can assign students to start at the beginning of any Grade, Mission, or Topic. You can also re-assign students to the beginning of any Grade, Mission, or Topic at any point. 

Q: Can I assign a specific Independent Digital Lesson?

A: Students cannot be assigned to a specific Independent Digital Lesson. The reason why our lessons work this way is because our curriculum introduces new concepts and digital manipulatives within Topics. We’ve found that skipping to a specific Independent Digital Lesson in the middle of a Topic can cause confusion and affect the learning experience. Starting at the beginning of a Topic ensures that students build the skills necessary for success as they move from lesson to lesson within a Topic.

Q: What happens when students complete an assigned Independent Digital Lesson?

A: When a student completes an Independent Digital Lesson, they earn a Badge and advance to the next lesson in the sequence automatically.

Q: Can I prevent a student from going on to future Independent Digital Lessons?

A: After a student completes an Independent Digital Lesson, they automatically progress to the next digital lesson. While we don’t offer a feature that stops students from progressing, we often find that  teachers set a weekly lesson completion goal of 4 Independent Digital Lessons, and then encourage students to complete Bonuses after they have hit their goal, rather than progressing to the next lesson. Instructions for accessing our Bonus questions are available here.

Q: How do I align the Independent Digital Lesson to my live instruction?

A: With Zearn, students learn new content in two formats: Independent Digital Lessons and Small Group Instruction, with you. This two-part approach helps students build deep understanding of grade-level content. You can find sample schedules with guidance on implementing this two-part approach here.

Q: How do I set a student to a Grade, Mission, or Topic?

A: Follow the steps below:

  1. Click Classes at the top of your Zearn homepage

  2. Choose the class with the students whose mission you'd like to change from the Switch Class dropdown menu

  3. Select the student (or students) whose lesson you’d like to change by clicking the check box next to their names

  4. Click Change Lesson (Lessons are grouped by Topic, so you can change the group of lessons by selecting a new Topic)

  5. In the pop-up, select a Grade, Mission, and Topic for your student(s) and click Set