Using Clever to Roster Your Zearn Math School Account

Note: Rostering through Clever is one of the options available to schools and districts who have purchased a Zearn Math School Account

Clever is a third-party application that Zearn works with to provide Student Information System (SIS) integration. Clever connects a district’s SIS with educational resources, like Zearn Math, to allow access to staff and student data in a standardized way.

Clever provides two specific services to Zearn users who are part of a School Account: rostering and instant login. Clever shares the roster information obtained from a district’s SIS with Zearn, allowing us to leverage work already done in district systems. As changes are made to district rosters in Clever, those changes are automatically reflected on Zearn following a sync. Additionally, through the Clever portal, staff and students can access their Zearn account using Clever’s Instant Login functionality, eliminating the need for an additional set of credentials.

If you'd like to set up a Zearn Math School Account to begin rostering with Clever, contact our team