Using a Spreadsheet to Roster Your Zearn Math School Account

Note: Rostering with a one-time spreadsheet rostering template is one of the options available to schools and districts who have purchased a Zearn Math School Account

Rostering with our one-time spreadsheet rostering template allows a designated school or district official to upload a .csv spreadsheet at the beginning of the school year with account information for all staff and students. Once the Zearn Math School Account Support team receives the spreadsheet, they use the information provided to create accounts and populate the school's rosters. After the initial roster setup, staff members will be able to make adjustments to specific rosters throughout the year, based on their access level.

This rostering service is offered once per school year, and we recommend that it be completed prior to the first day of school. You can review page 7 of our Technology Implementation Guide to learn more about spreadsheet rostering. 

If you'd like to set up a Zearn Math School Account to begin rostering via spreadsheet upload, contact our team