Foundational Content

Foundational content acts as targeted intervention content that can be initiated at the moment it's needed. The goal of foundational content is to provide targeted support that helps students strengthen their understanding and get back to grade-level content as soon as possible. Teachers whose school has purchased a Zearn Math School Account can easily access foundational content recommendations from the Assignments tab of a Zearn teacher account.

Teachers can assign foundational content in two ways:

“Bookmark” Foundational Content
Teachers can easily bookmark foundational lessons that students can access in the Math Library. The Math Library is a content bank that includes guided and independent practice activities for every topic of K–8 math. After students complete foundational content in the Math Library, they can return to the Student Feed to complete grade-level content. Teachers can see bookmark lesson completions in the Pace Report and Student Report.

Re-Assign Foundational Content
Teachers can also re-assign foundational lessons to students who need a deeper intervention. In addition to guided and independent practice, this option provides students with additional adaptive and lesson-aligned fluency work to build automaticity and strengthen number sense. Teachers should monitor the Student Report to assess the intervention and diagnose when students should return to grade-level learning.

To further support students with foundational content, teachers can review earlier concepts through Curriculum Study Professional Development. From a PD-enabled Zearn Math School Account, teachers can access an overview of the content to review the visual representations and strategies students may use to understand the big idea of the unit.