Curriculum Map

Zearn Math's scope and sequence focus deeply on a few interconnected math concepts, helping students build a strong mathematical foundation that lets them apply concepts flexibly to a variety of situations, contexts, and problems.

Used as a standalone curriculum or alongside your existing curriculum, Zearn digital lessons are coherently connected to the math you are teaching in your classroom so that students develop a coherent understanding of the big ideas of math as they learn the content of their grade. This approach reflects the core instructional shifts many states have adopted: focus, coherence, and rigor. 

Students learn these big ideas in two ways: Independent Digital Lessons and Concept Exploration. When using Zearn Math as a core curriculum, in order to stay on track to complete all grade-level content over a 36-week academic year, students need to complete three Independent Digital Lessons and three Concept Explorations every week. The scope and sequence of the Missions for each grade are outlined in the Curriculum Map, below. The Curriculum Map is also available for download.