Kindergarten Digital Activities

Digital Activities for kindergarteners are short, engaging activities designed to build number sense. Students develop number sense through an intentional progression of activities, starting with Numbers to 5, building to Numbers to 10, Numbers to 15, and Numbers to 20. Each activity takes Kindergarten students about five to ten minutes. Students should complete four activities each week.

Students advance through activities at their own pace and have opportunities to revisit activities throughout the year for additional practice. In all Kindergarten Digital Activities, students receive audio support. Teachers can access Mission-specific guidance for Digital Activities in the Mission Overviews linked on each Kindergarten Mission Page.

Launching summer 2024, Zearn’s enhanced digital lessons for Kindergarten will feature 100+ expanded digital lessons that explore the big math ideas students are learning with their teacher. Learn more in our Kindergarten Overview and log in preview Mission 1 and try a lesson for yourself!