Zearn Certified Advisors

At Zearn, our work is focused on supporting students, teachers, and administrators to ensure that all children love learning math. We offer a uniquely integrated approach to math teaching and learning, bringing together the digital lessons, instructional materials, assessments, data, and integrated professional development educators need to differentiate instruction for all students, all within a cohesive classroom system.

When teachers come together for Zearn Math Profession Learning (PL), they explore the mathematical ideas, visual representations, and teaching strategies that deepen student learning, so that every teacher is empowered with more options to support kids where they are and get them where they need to be. Zearn offers live and asynchronous PL opportunities that can be flexed to meet the needs of your school community. 

In addition to our Zearn PL offerings, we partner with Zearn Certified Advisors to support the implementation of Zearn Math. Zearn Certified Advisors work side-by-side with district and school leadership teams to engage throughout Zearn Math implementation to ensure all students love learning math. 

If you have any questions about Zearn Certified Advisors, please reach out to support@zearn.org.