How to use the Math Library

Every Zearn Math digital lesson includes built-in, differentiated support right alongside grade-level learning. When a student struggles during a digital lesson, Zearn automatically launches just-in-time scaffolding on concepts from prior grades or units to address unfinished learning in the context of new, grade-level learning.

If students need additional support, teachers with a Zearn Math School Account can access and bookmark tailored Foundational Lesson Guidance. Foundational Lesson Guidance identifies the precise foundational content coherently connected to students’ grade-level learning. Teachers can bookmark foundational lessons as an additional assignment in students’ Math Library. 

To access and bookmark a foundational lesson using Zearn's Foundational Lesson Guidance: 

  1. Go to the Assignment tab
  2. Select a student in your class
  3. Click on Bookmark Foundational Lessons
  4. Select students’ current topic or choose a topic
  5. Select a lesson and click “Bookmark”

Students access both their foundational and grade-level assignments with the same login. Students can find their bookmarked foundational lessons in the Math Library, accessed directly from their student feed. Students will not see the grade level of bookmarked foundational lessons to ensure a safe and supportive student experience.

Teachers with a free Individual Account can also access guidance on foundational lessons that coherently support students’ new grade-level learning from each Mission page. Teachers use this guidance to differentiate instruction and provide additional support on connected concepts from prior grades and Missions. The “Foundational Guidance” PDF is available for download directly from each Mission page under “Instructional Materials For Teachers.”

By default, the Math Library only allows students to access foundational lessons bookmarked by their teacher. To update this setting to give students access to all foundational content from prior grades:

  1. Go to the Assignments tab
  2. Check the box next to Name to select all students
  3. Select Bookmark Foundational Lessons
  4. Scroll down to Math Library Access
  5. Click on Change