Independent Practice: Tower of Power

After completing adaptive and lesson-aligned fluency and Guided Practice, students demonstrate understanding in the Tower of Power. Students need to answer all of the questions correctly to complete the Tower of Power and unlock the next Independent Digital Lesson. Problems in the Tower of Power are digitally translated from the paper Problem Set.

As students work through the Tower of Power, embedded remediation provides just-in-time support to help them stay engaged and continue learning independently. For students struggling with a concept, these remediation supports can include more scaffolded manipulatives or additional interactive videos that break down the question in a different way. In the Tower of Power, this embedded remediation is called a Boost.

If students make a mistake in a Tower of Power problem, a Boost breaks down the question into smaller steps with more supportive manipulatives to allow students to understand and correct their mistakes. Students then have a chance to demonstrate their learning with a new problem. If students continue to struggle in the Tower of Power after multiple remediation paths, their teacher receives an alert in the Tower Alerts Report, enabling them to provide differentiated support for that student. Boosts, like all embedded support in Independent Digital Lessons, precisely address misconceptions in real time and give all students the opportunity to visualize problems in multiple ways, then try again.


Click here to check out a Tower of Power for yourself.