Tutoring with Zearn Math

Zearn offers complete math tutoring content with a mix of hands-on problem solving and immersive digital learning that reinforces concepts learned in the classroom and doubles down on math learning. When using Zearn Math for Tutoring, kids engage in rich math discussions with their tutor, exploring different ways to solve problems. Then, students log in to Zearn and complete interactive digital lessons where they learn new grade-level concepts and automatically receive just-in-time support precisely when they need it. Tutoring with Zearn Math includes:

Digital lessons with just-in-time support
Zearn digital math lessons offer a consistent structure of learning activities, designed to accelerate learning by integrating unfinished learning into the context of new learning. Students explore new concepts with real on-screen teachers, interactive problem solving, and guided paper-and-pencil Student Notes.

Materials for hands-on problem solving
Grade-level lessons support tutors by facilitating lively math discussions where students explore different ways to solve problems, unlocking creativity and joy with math. Tutors are supported with on-demand PD to review instructional strategies.

Real-time reports on student learning
Student-specific reports provide visibility into student learning and where students need additional support to move forward in their learning. Depending on the setup of your tutoring program, administrators and teachers can also see reports from tutoring sessions to monitor productivity and progress in math learning.

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