Returning School Accounts: Transitioning From 22–23 to 23–24

We are excited to continue partnering with your school to ensure all of your students learn and love math! 

If you plan to use Clever to roster for the 20232024 school year:

  • Identify the Clever administrator at your school. We will need this person to approve the sharing of roster information with Zearn.
  • Once you’ve created your 20232024 rosters within your SIS, share this data with Zearn through Clever. If you have any questions about how to do this or how to get started with Clever, review this article
  • If your school used a spreadsheet to set up rosters last school year, make sure that the SIS IDs for the students being rostered through Clever this year match the SIS IDs provided on last year's spreadsheet. This way, all student badges and progress will be carried over into the new year.