Support Independent Digital Lesson completion in your classroom

Zearn Math teaches the big ideas of math in short, dynamic digital lessons with built-in support and frequent checks for understanding. Use the resources below to support your students in completing digital content. 

Overview of Independent Digital Lessons

Zearn’s digital lessons deepen the learning students do with their teacher. In digital lessons, students learn grade-level math concepts with on-screen teachers, interactive visual models, and built-in, differentiated support. Each lesson develops a balance of conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and application work through a consistent structure. Learn more in our Program Overview.

Independent Digital Lessons: Getting Started Checklist

Download this checklist with key actions to take when getting started with Independent Digital Lessons.

Anchor Charts: Tracking Progress

Use classroom visuals to help students track their progress each week and motivate them to reach their learning goals. Visit our website to check out our suite of free, downloadable digital resources designed to motivate math learning.