Student Lesson Calendar

Zearn equips students with multiple tools that help them monitor their lesson completions while promoting self-motivation and goal setting.

Student Lesson Calendar

The Student Calendar helps students keep track of their weekly lesson progress. When students log into their accounts, they can click on the calendar at the top of the screen to see a two-week view of their progress with Zearn. This lets students look back at (and celebrate!) all of the Zearning they completed the week before. Students can also use arrows to see progress from earlier weeks. Students see a doodle for each day that they have logged into their account and a badge for each lesson they completed on that day. Clicking on the badge lets students learn more about the lesson that they completed. 

Students whose school has purchased a Zearn Math School Account will see a bookmark icon next to any completed bookmark lessons and an open book icon next to any completed lessons from the Math Library that were not bookmarked by their teacher.

Digital Lesson Tracker


Zearn’s Lesson Tracker lets students see the progress they’ve made through each Independent Digital Lesson activity. The tracker appears right above a student’s ‘Next Up’ lesson and shows each of the components of the Zearn lesson that they’re assigned to, which activity they are currently working on, and which activities still need to be completed.