Mission-level assessments

If you are part of a Zearn Math School Account, you have access to Mission-level assessments with scoring guidance and detailed rubrics. Mid-Mission and End-of-Mission assessments are formative assessments administered roughly half way through the Mission and at the conclusion of the Mission respectively. 

For first grade and above, these paper assessments consist of open response items that require students to show their work or explain their thinking in a variety of ways, including drawing models and writing explanations. Zearn Math provides teachers with resources to assist them in analyzing student work, including an Assessments Answer Key with exemplar student responses, rubric, and scoring guidance. These resources are designed to provide teachers with actionable data about where their students are on the progression to understanding. 

In Kindergarten, each paper-based assessment is designed to be administered interview style where teachers record their observations of the student’s work and thinking. The assessment items vary in their focus, ranging from items that highlight a student’s understanding of a big mathematical idea to items that are more focused on students’ procedural fluency. 

To locate Mission-level assessments, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Teacher Account.
  2. Click on the Curriculum tab. 
  3. Select a grade and Mission from the respective drop-down menus. 
  4. Within Instructional Materials for Teachers, click Assessments Answer Keys to download all Mission-level assessments along with their answer keys.

Previews of Mission-level Assessments and Answer Keys that contain the exemplar student response for each item and specific standards alignment information can be found here: