Lesson-level assessments

Zearn Math includes a suite of formative assessments that provide actionable data insights to help inform decision-making. Reports are available to individualize instructional strategies, monitor student progress, and keep families informed of their students’ math learning.  

Zearn Math offers two types of lesson-level assessments: a daily digital assessment and a daily paper assessment.

Daily Digital Assessment

The Tower of Power is a scaffolded assessment, administered automatically at the end of each Independent Digital Lesson. The Tower of Power is focused on the content of a single lesson and allows students to demonstrate their new understanding. If students make a mistake, they receive real-time remediation at the point of misconception, allowing them to correct their understanding and continue through the assessment. 

Each Tower of Power contains two to four stages of problems that increase in complexity and decrease in scaffolding as students progress. The problems in each stage are carefully designed to focus on the big ideas of each lesson, mirroring the progression of learning students have just completed. Students must successfully complete 100% of the Tower of Power before moving on to their next Independent Digital Lesson. Since the Tower of Power is software-based, teachers can access a report that lets them know if a student is struggling with the daily digital assessment, allowing them to adjust instruction as needed. Below is an example of a Tower of Power question:


Daily Paper Assessment

The Exit Ticket is a paper assessment that is also focused on the content of a single lesson but is less scaffolded than the Tower of Power. The Exit Ticket is optional and can be administered after the completion of each Independent Digital Lesson, providing teachers with a second data point that they can use to monitor daily learning.

The Exit Ticket determines if the student transferred their learning from the Independent Digital Lesson to a less scaffolded, open-response item that requires them to show their thinking and work by drawing models, writing explanations, or both. Since Exit Ticket problems are designed to highlight the big mathematical idea of each lesson, or a piece of it, we do not recommend editing them for content.

In Kindergarten, the last two Missions of the year include Exit Tickets to help prepare students for 1st grade with Zearn Math. Launching summer 2024, Zearn Math for Kindergarten will include 100+ expanded digital lessons and Exit Tickets for all lessons. 

You can print Exit Tickets and other paper-based materials for your students directly through your Teacher Account by following the steps in our Navigation Guide

Below is an example of a paper Exit Ticket: