School Goals Report

The School Goals Report is one of the three reports administrators with a School Account can use to assess and monitor schoolwide progress through on-or-above grade-level content and productivity during independent work. The School Goals Report helps administrators track progress toward completion goals at the school, grade, and classroom level to celebrate goal-achievement and share best practices.

This report shows:

  • Last Teacher Sign-In: We recommend that teachers check Pace, Progress, Sprint and Tower Alert Reports weekly to see student progress and differentiate instruction for students who need more support.
  • % Active Students: 100% of students should be actively logging into their Zearn accounts to independently complete digital lessons.
  • Avg Total Lessons Per Week: Average takes into account grade level lessons and foundational lessons completed through the Math Library.
  • Avg On-or-Above-Grade Lessons Per Week: To stay on track to complete grade-level content, students should complete 3+ grade-level Independent Digital Lessons each week. 
  • Avg Minutes Per Week: Classrooms should average 90 minutes per week to stay on track to complete 3+ grade-level Independent Digital Lessons each week.
  • Avg Tower Alerts Per Lesson:  We recommend monitoring the average Tower Alerts experienced each week to identify additional areas of support. Learn more about Tower Alerts.

Learn more about the School Goals Report in this video: