Orient to implementing Zearn across a school or district

Multiple ESSA-qualifying research studies show students who consistently complete 3+ grade-level Zearn digital lessons a week experience 2–3x the learning gains than with a high-quality curriculum alone. These transformative results are the product of a strong implementation. Implementing Zearn successfully at the school or district level requires strategic planning, ongoing support, and a commitment to student engagement and impact. Our district- and school-wide implementation supports are designed to help students complete 3+ digital lessons each week.

Your school or district’s Zearn implementation will take the form of four phases that span the school year: 

  1. Prepare: Lay the groundwork for successful Zearn implementation in the spring and summer ahead of the upcoming school year. This phase involves setting your usage expectations for Zearn and determining when it will happen in the daily schedule, achieving buy-in from district team and school leaders by assembling and training the team in preparation for launch, and ensuring that every school has the accounts, devices, and student materials they need for their first day.
  2. Launch: The launch phase starts with students’ first day on Zearn and only spans a few weeks. During this phase, you will monitor your data closely and troubleshoot any issues that may arise, including account and device access. You will provide launching resources to all schools and direct support to individual schools that need it.
  3. Grow: The Grow phase spans the majority of the school year. Research shows that students who complete an average of 3+ grade-level digital lessons a week experience 2-3 times the learning gains compared to students who do not use Zearn. During this phase you will support your schools in reaching the goal of 3+ grade-level lessons each week by monitoring student progress, providing training and support to teachers, analyzing school- or district-wide data, and adjusting strategies to maximize student engagement and impact.
  4. Reflect: At the close of the school year, take time to analyze and interpret your year-end data.  During this phase, you will gather feedback from teachers, students, and families, assess data and outcomes, and identify areas of success and areas for refinement for the following year.

If you are ready to delve deeper into implementation next steps or have questions as you get started implementing Zearn, you can:

  1. Check out the implementation playbook (under “Resources” in your School Account).
  2. Reach out to your Zearn partner success manager or contact us to learn more.