Independent Digital Lesson components

Zearn’s digital lessons deepen the learning students do with their teacher. In digital lessons, students learn grade-level math concepts with on-screen teachers, interactive visual models, and built-in, differentiated support. Each lesson develops a balance of conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and application work through a consistent structure. Learn more in our Program Overview.

1st–5th grade Independent Digital Lessons consist of:

6th–8th grade Independent Digital Lessons consist of:

Students work through Independent Digital Lessons at their own pace and are always assigned to one of these activities as their "Next Up" assignment. Students can only access the next digital activity in the sequence once they complete their current activity. 

After a student successfully completes the independent practice, called the Tower of Power, the student earns a Badge to mark their completion of the lesson. The student is then automatically moved to the next lesson in the digital sequence.

Launching summer 2024, Zearn Math for Kindergarten will feature 100+ expanded digital lessons that explore the big math ideas students are learning with their teacher. Learn about Kindergarten’s enhanced digital lesson components in our Kindergarten Overview or sample a lesson here.