Lesson-aligned fluency

Students begin daily digital lessons with a fluency activity aligned to the specific Independent Digital Lesson they are working on. These activities support ongoing grade-level learning by developing students’ procedural fluency and preparing them for upcoming content.

While students are timed in some lesson-aligned fluency activities, the timer is not emphasized in the experience. The focus of timed activities is for students to answer as many questions as they can and strengthen their math mindsets by working to top their own personal bests. Timed fluency activities may not be right for all student learning. Teachers can remove the timer in individual student settings.

All software-based fluency work complements teacher-led, whole-group fluencies; this combination strengthens students’ math understanding and learning retention.

Try out each lesson-aligned fluency here:

Grades 1-8:

Coming summer 2024, enhanced Kindergarten digital lessons will include lesson-aligned fluency activities, including: