Pace Report

The Zearn Pace Report tracks a classroom and individual students’ progress toward reaching the goal of 3+ lessons per week. The latest research shows students who consistently use Zearn experience 2x the learning gains than with a high quality curriculum alone. 

The Pace Report shows a real-time view of how many Independent Digital Lessons each student has completed, their time to complete each Independent Digital Lesson and their aggregate weekly time spent on Zearn. Students completing 4 or more lessons each week are on track to completing every grade-level Mission.

For teachers who are part of a Zearn Math School Account, the Pace Report also indicates if students are using the Math Library to access foundational lessons by displaying an icon next to their currently assigned lesson. An open book icon indicates that a student is currently working on a foundational lesson from the Math Library. The bookmark icon indicates that a student is working on a foundational lesson that their teacher has bookmarked for them.

This report can help identify groups of students that need more time to meet their weekly Independent Digital Lesson completion goal as well as students that have already met their Independent Digital Lesson goal and can begin working on Bonuses for an extra challenge.

Learn more about the Pace Report in this short video:

Note: Each of our Class Reports can be printed through your Teacher Account by following these steps:

  1. Log in and click Reports from the homepage.
  2. Navigate to the desired Class Report.
  3. In the top right corner of the report, click the Print icon.