Share progress with families

When meeting with families to discuss student progress and growth throughout the Zearn Math platform, many teachers choose to share examples of student work and progress, including:

Individual Student Reports

Teachers whose schools purchase a Zearn Math School Account have access to the Zearn Student Report. The Student Report provides teachers with visibility into precisely which topics a student may be excelling in, which topics a student may be struggling with, and how deep the struggle is. The information in the Student Reports empowers teachers to assess struggle side-by-side with other information—such as productivity of the struggle, where in the scope and sequence struggle is occurring, and other formative assessment data—so that teachers are empowered with the full information they need to choose deeper interventions when necessary. These can be a great resource to share with families to discuss student progress and focus areas.

Exit Tickets

The Exit Ticket is an optional paper assessment that is focused on the content of a single lesson but is less scaffolded than the Tower of Power. The Exit Ticket is administered at the completion of each Independent Digital Lesson, providing teachers with a second data point in addition to the Tower of Power, that they can use to monitor daily learning. As the companion to the Tower of Power, the Exit Ticket uses a single problem (or multiple problems where appropriate) to determine if the student transferred the work from the digital lesson to a less scaffolded, open-response item that requires students to show their thinking and work. 

Student Notes

During the guided practice portion of Independent Digital Lessons, students are prompted to complete problems in their paper Student Notes to transfer their learning and strengthen knowledge retention. After solving an un-scaffolded problem in their notes, students are then prompted to check and correct their work. These Student Notes serve as a reference that teachers can use to demonstrate student learning.  

Class-Level Reports

Zearn Math provides teachers with four reports at the classroom level that they can use to differentiate instruction. These reports provide real-time data and insights into each student’s pace, progress, and areas of struggle during digital lessons.