Report is blank or not printing in color

All Zearn Math reports, including the Student Report, Class Reports and Admin Reports, can be printed in color.

Blank Report:

Some reports, like the Progress Report, contain background images that need to be selected in settings in order to be shown when printed. If you're printing on Chrome:

  1. Click Print on the report.
  2. Once the Print dialogue box appears, click More Settings.
  3. Make sure that Background Graphics is checked.
  4. The progress bars for the Progress Report will then be displayed.

Black and White Report:

If the background graphics are visible but are only appearing in black and white, make sure that you have selected Color Printing and not Black and White in the drop-down box of your print settings. When printing directly from Chrome, the display box may not give you the option to print in color, but you can print in color by following these steps

  1. Click Print in Chrome.
  2. When the dialogue box appears, click Open PDF in Preview in the bottom left corner.
  3. Click Print to see the option to print in color.