Technology requirements

For students to access Zearn Math Digital Lessons, they will need a supported device, an updated browser, and a speedy internet connection. Headphones are highly recommended when using at school so that students can engage with Digital Lessons without disturbing others.

Device requirements:

In order to access Zearn Math Independent Digital Lessons, students need a compatible device. Zearn is compatible on:

Browser requirements:

Zearn supports the following browsers, updated to one of the two most recently released versions. If Zearn Math is not accessed via a supported browser, teachers and students may experience performance issues ranging from digital manipulatives appearing distorted to pages not loading at all. It is important to note that Zearn Math is accessible via a web browser only; there is no Zearn Math app. Zearn does not require the use of Flash.

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

Internet bandwidth requirements:

Zearn contains streaming video elements that require student devices to have a minimum download bandwidth of 1 Mbps per student. During peak usage, students who do not have access to the recommended 1 Mbps of bandwidth may experience longer load times and errors saving their Independent Digital Lesson progress. If a Digital Lesson “restarts” before completion or if results will not save, these problems are likely due to a lack of adequate bandwidth. Please consider all software that uses available bandwidth when planning to implement Zearn Math.

Domains to add to your allow list:

Speak with your IT department to make sure our site is being allowed through any district firewalls and your firewall software is up to date, so that your students' hard work on Zearn gets saved and they can progress through our Digital Lessons.

  1. Update your firewall software: Speak with your IT department to make sure that any firewall software being used on student devices is up to date.
  2. Allow our domains through your firewall: Your IT administrator will need to allow the below domains through your firewall:
  • (for Zearn's video lessons)
  • (for Zearn's Tower of Power)
  • (to support IE 11)

If you follow the steps above and still have trouble, email our Support Team at describing the issue, the students it is affecting, the device being used, and a screenshot of the issue so we can troubleshoot. Please note, you can view the current status of our services at any time, by visiting our status page.