School Account: "Classrooms not displayed" in Admin Reports

When viewing Admin Reports within a Zearn Math School Account, district and school administrators will see all classrooms where students have joined the classroom by logging into their Zearn accounts for the first time. If some classrooms are not appearing in these reports, it is because students have not yet joined the classroom. Below are three common reasons why students may have not yet joined their classrooms:

Classrooms are not yet using Zearn Math:
Is your school or district new to Zearn? Share these resources with teachers to help them get started with Zearn Math.

Classrooms are using Zearn Math through Individual Accounts:
If teachers and students who are a part of a Zearn School Account have previously used Zearn Math with Individual Accounts, they will need to log in with the School Account credentials provided during rostering. If using Clever to access Zearn, ensure students are logging in with their Clever credentials.  Review our step-by-step guide to logging into your Zearn School Account with Clever.

Classroom rosters need updating:
It is possible that school rosters are out of date. Click here for information on how to manage your School Account Rosters.