Orient kindergarten students to Zearn Math

Zearn Math for Kindergarten is designed to help students build strong math foundations and develop number sense. Zearn Math for Kindergarten materials include resources for daily teacher-led instruction, Digital Activities, assessments, and Reports. All materials are available through Zearn Teacher Accounts.

We've found that many teachers introduce their kindergarten students to Zearn Math Digital Activities by modeling the student experience together. Here are five steps you can take with your K students to help them get started:

  • Sign-in: Login as a student and show students where to put their username and password.  Model how to click the blue button to begin.
  • Start an activity: Show students that clicking the blue Start button–on the top card in their Next Up Feed–will start the activity.
  • Complete an activity: Start by pressing the green play button. Ask students to come to the board to help you complete problems or answer as a class. End the activity by clicking the blue Done button.
  • Explain the feed: Show students that the next activity is on the top of their Next Up Feed.
  • Log out: Show students how to click the logout button when they are done Zearning!

Launching summer 2024, Zearn’s enhanced digital lessons for Kindergarten will feature 100+ expanded digital lessons that explore the big math ideas students are learning with their teacher. Learn more in our Kindergarten Overview and log in to preview Mission 1 and try a lesson for yourself!