Explore the Student Feed

When students log into their Zearn account, they’re brought directly to their Student Feed.


“Next Up” is where students go to work on their currently assigned Independent Digital Lesson. Within the Next Up section, students see a feed of cards. The card at the top always displays the next activity in the lesson. Students can only access the next digital activity in a lesson once they’ve completed their currently assigned activity. The lesson tracker, shown above the feed of cards, allows students to see the exact lesson they are assigned to and the specific activity in that lesson that they're currently working on. Students can also view Wild Cards from Next Up. 

In the “Badges” section, students can see the badges they’ve earned from previous lessons and access Digital Bonuses

Students whose school has purchased a Zearn Math School Account will also see the “Math Library” in their Student Feed. The Math Library allows students to access foundational lessons bookmarked by their teacher. Students will not see the grade level of bookmarked foundational lessons to ensure a safe and supportive student experience.  

Finally, in the top left section of the screen, students will see their name displayed. If they log in through the zearn.org homepage, as opposed to Clever or Classlink, they will also see the name of the Zearn classroom they are enrolled in.