Orient students to Zearn Math

In Zearn, students learn by working independently through digital math lessons. 

Independent Digital Lessons are designed to maximize learning and engagement through a balance of fluency activities, guided instruction, and independent practice. To orient students to Zearn Math, we recommend: 

  • Completing an Independent Digital Lesson as a whole group, then transitioning students to working through each Independent Digital Lesson on their own. Teachers can model a lesson from their account by using the "Try lesson as a student" feature from the Welcome Page of a Teacher Account. From here, teachers can show students how to work on their "Next Up" activity and walk through each component of a digital lesson.
  • Making sure students know they should use Student Notes (or scratch paper) when prompted in the guided practice portion of the digital lesson.
  • Discussing strategies for persevering through challenges like working through the Boost, referencing Student Notes, revisiting the guided practice, and even guessing if needed and letting the digital lesson provide just-in-time support.