Transition from Zearn Math K to G1

Zearn Math for Kindergarten is designed to help students build strong math and develop number sense. If you have completed instruction for all six Kindergarten Missions, here are a few things to keep in mind before transitioning students to Zearn Math for 1st grade.

Consider repeating Digital Activities:

Digital Activities are just one component of the Zearn Math for Kindergarten’s materials and are designed to be short, engaging activities that build number sense. We find that, as many teachers work through the teacher materials for all six Missions, they allow students to repeat Digital Activities. The extra practice helps to strengthen students’ fluency and math foundations for later learning. Our Help Center has step-by-step instructions for changing student assignments in the digital sequence.

Transition students to 1st grade as a group:

In 1st grade, students have two opportunities to study the same concepts: with their teacher and peers in Collaborative Concept Exploration, and using self-paced Independent Digital Lessons. The intentional balance of learning with teachers and peers and learning independently in digital lessons ensures every student has multiple opportunities to represent, engage with, and express their math reasoning. If you and your students have finished Zearn Math for Kindergarten, a group of students should make the shift to 1st grade at the same time to support Collaborative Concept Exploration, which allows students to engage in thoughtful mathematical discussions with peers. 

Learn about 1st-grade reading and writing prompts:

Grade 1 lessons have written prompts designed for 1st-grade reading comprehension and include written Student Notes. These may be challenging for K students. Learn about the audio supports available in Independent Digital Lessons.

If you'd like your students to move to 1st-grade lessons after they complete all Kindergarten Digital Activities, you can enable auto-advance with the steps below:

  1. Log into your Zearn account and click Assignments at the top of the homepage.
  2. Select the desired classroom.
  3. Select the desired student(s).
  4. Click Change Current Lesson.
  5. Click the box next to Automatically Continue to Grade 1 Content.


Launching summer 2024, Zearn’s enhanced digital lessons for Kindergarten will feature 100+ expanded digital lessons that explore the big math ideas students are learning with their teacher. Learn more in our Kindergarten Overview and log in preview Mission 1 and try a lesson for yourself!