Add students to your class

Once you have created your class, you can start adding your students! Teachers with a free Individual Account can add up to 35 students.

Students who already have an existing Zearn account can join your class with your class code. To add students new to Zearn to your class, follow the steps below:  

  1. Navigate to Roster at the top of your Zearn account.
  2. Choose the desired class from the Switch Class dropdown menu.
  3. Click Add Students.
  4. Type or paste your student's name into the box under “New Students” and click Next.
  5. Edit student passwords and usernames as needed and click Next.
  6. Choose a grade, Mission, and Topic for your students and click Finish.
  7. Follow the steps on the “Congratulations” page to get your students started.

Next, set your students to a Mission so they can get Zearning!

Note: Teachers whose school has purchased a Zearn Math School Account have no limit on classroom size or the number of classrooms they can add. Learn more about rostering students to your class with a School Account in this article.