Clear digital lesson checkpoints

Zearn Math’s Independent Digital Lessons are designed so that students can work independently at their own pace, receiving feedback at the precise moment of misconception. Our guided practice activities have personalized checkpoints that provide just-in-time support at the moment of each student's misunderstanding. These checkpoints also allow students an opportunity to complete paper-and-pencil activities, allowing them to strengthen their understanding through active problem-solving and reflection. After completing the guided practice once, the checkpoints will be reset each time you access the lesson again.

When introducing your students to Zearn Math, we recommend completing the first 2-3 Independent Digital Lessons together as a whole class to show students the flow of an Independent Digital Lesson. After students have been oriented to digital lessons, they should complete future work independently. When modeling these first few Independent Digital Lessons for the whole class, you can reset the checkpoints by completing all of the checkpoints in the activity and letting the video play to the end.