Orient to teacher materials and student supports

The Zearn platform includes a comprehensive suite of digital and print materials to support teachers in planning daily instruction that meets the evolving needs of every student. Zearn’s grade-level Course Guides are designed to orient teachers to these materials and support with overviews and specific guidance on strategies teachers can use in daily planning to ensure all learners can access and engage with grade-level learning.

Each K–8 grade-level Course Guide helps teachers plan daily differentiated instruction with detailed information on:

  1. The big mathematical ideas of the grade, including pacing and Zearn's full K-8 scope and sequence
  2. Supports for multilingual learners and students with disabilities  
  3. Assessments, including digital and paper daily lesson-level assessments, available to all Zearn accounts, and Mission-level assessments, available to School Accounts
  4. Class and Student reports that provide teachers with real-time data and insights into student pace, progress, and areas of struggle during digital lessons
  5. Terminology of the grade

You can access all K–8 Course Guides directly from your Zearn account:

  1. Click Curriculum at the top of page.
  2. Select your desired grade under "Go to Grade" or choose your grade, select Overview from the dropdown menus and click Go.
  3. Click the Course Guide PDF button to download.

All Zearn printed math instructional materials are available online for download in both English and Spanish. Learn more about Zearn’s printed teacher and student materials.