Summer math

Zearn’s Summer Intensive Series is designed to help rising 1st through 9th graders accelerate their access to grade-level learning next school year. Each grade-level series includes 30-minute digital lessons that kids complete independently, as well as resources for teachers and tutors to use alongside each lesson. All lessons can be accessed 24/7 from school, home, or anywhere in between.

Zearn’s Summer Intensive Series can be used flexibly as part of a summer school program, a tutoring program, or outside of school with families. Families can access these materials by signing up for a no-cost Individual Account.

Learn more and explore the content of the Summer Intensive Series here.

Below are answers to common questions about our Summer Intensive Series:

Q: Do I have to pay extra for access to the series?

A: Our Summer Intensive Series is free for individual teachers and families. Schools and districts can sign up for a paid account to use it with additional features, too.

Q: How do I assign the Summer Series?

A: The Summer Series will not appear as a specific course to assign to students. To start the Series, teachers or families should set their students to the targeted content for their grade by changing their assignment to the recommended lessons. These grade-level sequences highlight the most critical content from the focus standards of each grade to catch children up and build a strong foundation for the next academic year.

Q: What instructional content is covered in each digital lesson?  

A: Digital lessons include fluency, concept development, and independent practice. Each lesson takes about 30 minutes to complete. Kids work through each component at their own pace. After completing one lesson, they automatically go on to the next. Zearn Math's digital lessons are aligned to state standards.

Q: How effective are digital lessons?  

A: Studies show that completing three Zearn Math lessons weekly alongside daily instruction leads to significant learning gains.

Q: Can I use Zearn Math as part of summer school/tutoring?

A: Summer Intensive Series can be used for summer school, tutoring programs, or targeted interventions. We also offer materials that tutors or teachers can use to facilitate rich math discussions around the core ideas of each Intensive Series.

Q: How can I share summer math resources with families?

A: We’ve created a guide for educators to share with families to orient them to Zearn Math. Download and share our summer math guidance to help families support their child’s learning with Zearn Math this summer.

Q: What steps should teachers take before school ends to assign the sequence?

A: Before summer school programs, current teachers should set students to the first lesson in the first  Mission of the grade-level Summer Series. When a student completes all components of one digital lesson, they automatically advance to the next lesson in the Mission sequence—you do not need to advance your student after each lesson completion.

Once students complete the first Mission in the Summer Series, teachers should set them to the beginning of the next Mission in the series. If teachers will not be monitoring student completion over the summer, set students to the first Mission of the series before school ends.