Orient to implementing Zearn in the classroom

Zearn Math’s daily digital lessons give students more opportunities to access grade-level math, with built-in, differentiated support. With Zearn, students learn grade-level math concepts with on-screen teachers, interactive visual models, and the personalized support they need, right alongside grade-level learning. 

Extensive research offers strong evidence that consistent Zearn usage leads to transformative results for all kids. Numerous ESSA-qualifying studies show students who consistently complete three or more Zearn digital lessons each week experience 2–3x the learning gains than with a high quality curriculum alone. 

Here’s how you can get started with implementing Zearn in the classroom:

  1. Build time for Zearn into your schedule: Allocate dedicated time in your daily or weekly schedule for Zearn activities. Click here to learn more about integrating Zearn into your daily instruction. 
  2. Sign up for training: Every purchase of a School Account includes access to Getting Started with Zearn Math, a 1-hour orientation to the Zearn platform, including instructional materials and reports. Zearn's comprehensive professional development equips teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively implement Zearn in the classroom. Contact your school or district leader about accessing Zearn PD. 
  3. Implement Zearn Math in your classroom: Once you have completed the training,  refer to the following resources to support your Zearn implementation:
    1. Watch our Getting Started Video to receive a step-by-step walkthrough of Zearn’s features and functionalities. 
    2. Download Zearn’s Implementation Checklist, which outlines the most critical steps to prepare for and launch Zearn in your classroom.

If you have any questions as you get started implementing Zearn, reach out to us at support@zearn.org. Our dedicated support team is available to help you navigate any challenges and maximize the impact of using Zearn.