Access printed materials in Spanish

Spanish translations of Zearn’s paper-based teacher and student instructional materials are available directly through your Zearn account. You can access these materials by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Curriculum at the top of your Zearn account.
  2. Choose the desired grade and mission from the Scope and Sequence dropdown menu.
  3. Click Materials in Spanish on the right-hand side of the page.
  4. Click on the link for the desired PD

Below are answers to common questions related to Zearn's Spanish-language printed materials:

Q: Which teacher materials will be available in Spanish?

A: All daily instructional materials are available in Spanish, including word problems, fluency activities, and lesson plans. These materials support teachers with facilitating learning that builds deep understanding of concepts and flexible problem-solving skills. Materials can be used across a mix of instructional formats, including both small-group and whole-group learning. Teachers also have access to grade- and unit-level overview materials in Spanish that provide support with planning and delivering differentiated instruction that meets the needs of all learners.

Q: Which student materials will be available in Spanish?

A: All paper-based student materials will be available in Spanish, including Student Notes, which are problems that students complete alongside their digital math lessons. Exit Tickets, optional Homework, optional Problem Sets, and unit-level Assessments will also be available in Spanish.

Q: Are the Independent Digital Lessons available in Spanish?

A: Zearn’s dynamic Independent Digital Lessons are in English and have multiple layers of embedded accessibility and linguistic supports. Download a detailed guide on all available supports for English Language Learners.

Q: What other Spanish supports do you offer?

A: We offer family resources to support Spanish-speaking caregivers, including an overview webinar, tip sheets, and answers to frequently asked questions about Zearn in Spanish.

Q: Can I purchase student workbooks in Spanish?

A: Workbooks are not yet available in Spanish; all educators can download and print complete Student Materials for free through their teacher or administrator account.