Admin and Teacher Account Permission Levels

Staff members that are part of a Zearn Math School Account have different levels of permission within Zearn. To protect staff and student data, some types of accounts will require enabling two-step authentication. 

Note: Zearn Math School Accounts that are rostered through Clever or Classlink will need to manage staff and student rosters directly through Clever/Classlink and their SIS. School Accounts rostered by spreadsheet can manage rosters through the Zearn platform. 

All teachers who are part of a Zearn Math School account can access classroom-level reports for students in their class and any shared classrooms. Teachers who are part of a School Account rostered by spreadsheet can also add and remove students as well as update the assignment for students in their classes. Teachers do not need to enable two-step authentication in order to access their accounts. 

School Admin
All School Admin who are part of a Zearn Math School Account can access school-level administrator reports. These reports include exportable data for custom reports and analysis. To keep this data secure, Zearn requires that all school administrators enable two-step authentication.

School administrators who are part of a School Account rostered by spreadsheet can add and remove students and update the assignment for all students in the school. They can also directly add or remove teachers from their School Account. They cannot remove other School Admin. 

District Admin
All District Admin have access to school-level administrator reports for all of the schools in their district. Zearn requires that all district administrators enable two-step authentication.

In addition to permissions that School Admin have, District Admin who are part of a School Account rostered by spreadsheet can directly add or remove School Admin from their School Accounts. District Admin cannot remove other District Admin. 

What is two-step authentication?
Two-step authentication is an extra layer of security designed to ensure that you're the only person who can access your Zearn account. With two-step authentication, even if your password is comprised, your Administrator account is protected. Two-step authentication cannot be disabled.