Create Two Distinct Learning Spaces

With Zearn Math, Grade 1–8 students learn the big ideas of math in two ways each day: Independent Digital Lessons and Concept Exploration. Classroom setup should allow students to rotate between two distinct learning stations. 

Station 1: Independent Digital Lessons

In this area, each student will need:

  • A compatible device: Zearn is web-based and can be accessed on Chromebooks, Computers (Windows or Mac), and iPads. Since half of the class learns with their teacher in small groups while the other half is learning at the self-paced station, teachers will need devices for half of the class. Read more about our Technology Requirements.
  • Headphones: Students need headphones to hear instruction in each Independent Digital Lesson
  • Student Notes and Exit Tickets: Students will be prompted to complete guided Student Notes 
  • Additional Materials: Some Missions require a few common physical materials. Teachers can see all of these listed as “Required Materials” on each Mission page.  

Station 2: Concept Exploration

In this area, each student will need:

  • Concrete Manipulatives & Materials: Teachers can find the concrete materials needed for each lesson on their Mission Page.
  • Whiteboards: Students will need whiteboards (or something similar) to write and draw models while explaining their reasoning
  • Student Notes and Exit Tickets: Concept Exploration time can be used to check-in and provide feedback on Student Notes and Exit Tickets